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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  January 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> budd: all right we just saw the giants and the jets in the commercial. it is great. the nfl play-offs go on and the jets are looking ahead to the next season. the disappointing loss in buffalo is a lingering memory and perhaps will linger in the off-season. but the jets won ten games. a vast improvement over last season. and the question is where do they go next season? >> a lot of our other pepping free-agents. and ryan had a great season. we would like ryan to be back. and we'll see how it plays out. last year we had more cap space to work with.
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but it turned out the way we expected and hoped they would. this year, we are hoping to keep it back as i menninged before. and we are going to figure out what parts. moe had good year. we would like moe back with us going forward. >> reporter: you think you will use a franchise on moe? >> i think [inaudible]. i think every time you have a franchise tag and you would use it and can ideally hold on to players per se that may leave in free agency. but at this ponent i am formultulated it. it is off-season plans. >> budd: those are the loudest
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or on on on >> phil: i have a quis to silence those cameras. so noisy. >> budd: before we get to the giants. if i were a jet's fan i would be hanging on that one for a while. we to have a season where you you set it in all of the right direction. and if you are running the jets, what is paramount to you? >> phil: is fitzpatrick your quarterback of the future. we had 2000 yard receivers and you hear the four numbers together, it is it a good offense. defensively they had some problems and holding some lopes town the stretch.
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he is only one that is worthy of a track pick. do they go out and get one as a college guy. that will will be troofs in the 20s. that fwz from years oafing the log. i have to to that. i don't know. yeah, i guess. i mean, phillip, here's the thing. they have the right guy coaching the time and they love him and he's a player's coach and the guy before him was a defensive coach. >> they have leaders in the
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north america look at the human being. respiratory and oh, if they that >> was it a one year oner for fits patranscribing am or maybe you my him when you te what is your belief in price buildy. he was up and cominger he was not. he was much with offensive r,c. we'll want to know why critic vehicle vehicles. they are so much more ready for
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the quarterbacks that come in and look at jameised with. even they iowa rannia it was never on the if itty go a would and keep fetes thor and >> i was in the jyou pick. pi got lucky. >> you had the restop mcdie you know, herequested methey were to to issue surrised. whatever head coach comes in mustache.
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>> the players like him. and apparently he has a xrarntd here'sia it was not a surprise. eli manning had one of the beft success experience. and the difference between numbers last year and then year. you can't learn the >> that's great. . we got that. and the teeing they are not always's reflection all of the
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ten. enceev>> and the and the joents>> budd: ecomfort believe i know it is not that simple. you upon fthe and that means another system for eli. >> budd: that may have gone to the eagles, is that's concern. >> phil: i think that is why they ciped him. and mcadoo was on his list. tom coughlin is how. once he reallied giants was going to cipe mcdue. he decided it was not the right
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he will not bring and he to go here and well. >> there are is i know not having rrr he starting to get his strength area. xiy principal kam lahe wantses to come back. >> right. >> they want to solidify the difference. there is good defensive player and alabama. they can put it on. and help thechl find they can
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make the tembetter. ooh lowith with a 3rd initiative. >> a one of the reasons tom is not the head coach. he let odell peckam going on. and in the past, you would never seen a tom clof linplayer ask that way and cost the team two debates. >> what was the final score. if he's in the game. mentally. and raying the game. i have a i forget whos the dell rer.
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>> i think 6 and 10 and that's why it is a rez nalgz or 58ing of the weighs. and one you come up with. two super. who did they drew. >> i don't be in the pretty>> budd: we'll be live in a couple
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back after this. >> budd: little bit of basketball now. we just talked about the spurs and cavs. it is a mredzure to watch the spurs play basketball. locally knicks and nets were off tonight. last night in brooklyn no carmelo anthony. and it hurt kristaps porzingis. young gets away with one.
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and joe johnson took over for the nets hitting the jumper. and johnson nice pick. and fall away jumper and he finishes that and the nets finish strong and the knicks did not. that resulted in a win for the nets. >> you shouldn't remain where you are. we'll have to find a win and doing things and trying to get better. but you know, there is more room to grow than we know. and we have keep fighting to take that. you know, teach and being better than we are. and do you want to accomplish the goals this year. >> we are still learning in the season. i think that through this last
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two weeks. it is better mentally. and based on today, we didn't bring it from the beginning. and they took a lot of energy for us to put it together again i think we have grown and it is it a good game to grow and have more spirit. we have had it like this. and you are ready to put it together. >> it is the main thing we stick together all the way from the start to the finish. even if we didn't get the win. >> it is going to be a back and forth for the knicks. the notion at this season. they will have a winning streak
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in a secure spot for a playoff spot and be nice for the knicks and their fans. i think what we are seeing is what we see down. stretch. it is nights where they don't come close and come back and play a good one. the team is better. no question about that. it was cause for hope and xetment and signed of the feeling about the there is not much to say. i guess they are getting it
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the team is not doingment it is a bigger project before getting back to responsibility. for the knicks, that are if it was to the it is a game they are not and i they are bottoming now and it we are back to seeing what we saw so many years. i think they stell have the again are surprise. & what it is kiss a poi think we are seeing's couple of games
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if we do they starting to so is far, you can it is any more letty take a prook and p.m. back
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back ever a there. >> budd: the chief play of the day. rafrmers leading in the third and turned buck over not once, but twice. brock nelson. it was depend to see him. it was a tie the score. rafrmers and nops would liblg to look at it tonight or tomorrow.
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and empty devils are in colorado. first minute of the game. devils and avalanche. and matthew dushane gets the puck wide open. >> he he was, and second period, savs on the run. and the puck is knocked on in by tyson. and giving colcalifornia a two- number lead. they cannot and this ist
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and so that had's move up. rangers now. 4 or 5 points for third place in the division. and they are trying as the penning wens trying to get them. and they will met in the first round of the then we cup forecan have the. we'll bake a bribing.
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rrn5 >> so if you are just getting in and see what happen in the hockey game. we'll show you what happened. and a new more highlights. it was a good game. it was a terrific pass from kevin hays. making it one- nothing rangers. we'll show it again. ranger turn overs and led to brock nelson with the puck.
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and henrik lundqvist screened. and the islanders went to pitcher and calleded for a penalty. >> they have had all of the momentument. and they had had it a double. third night for the rangers. and friday night. jiepts press conference with bep mcadoo. you will hear from him. and jets are in action in portland. woo my thanks to feel gold bird
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and we'll all be here for the
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